Try what ? Test what? Learn what?

WordPress.   That’s what.

The push to start this blog came about because a friend, whose site I maintain and update, asked me whether it could run on WordPress. He had seen another site which was comparable in purpose to his, and that site was beautiful, versatile and scalable and ran on WordPress. By contrast, the site that I ran for him was hand coded and had hardly changed in years.

But though I knew of WordPress (of course),  I had never tried it or otherwise played with it.  Also and though I should have known better, I thought of WordPress as blog software, rather than as web software.

Also, my daughter, a freelance graphic designer who created several websites using WordPress, both for herself as well as for clients had been pushing me to start a blog, and to use WordPress. She knows I’m opinionated, and basically has been saying to me, “create a blog to write your opinions and analyses instead of just talking and using your family as your captive audience”.

So these are the reasons that bring me here. What I expect to do is to take WordPress through its paces, explore its features one at a time, become proficient with it and have some fun.  Whether I stick around to opine on my favorite subjects is another matter. We’ll see.



3 thoughts on “Try what ? Test what? Learn what?”

  1. Best of luck on a good steady stream of intelligent writings. Hopefully I won’t be annoyed with too many of the opinions. So far so good, but the best line is Janet’s.

    1. Not intentional. Still trying out the settings. I will turn it off, but reserve the right to turn it on again if called for.

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